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Compound Skin Care Essential

Compound Skin Care Essential

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  Product Category: Compound Essential Oil
Applicable people: General
Suitable age: 16--40
Extraction method: extraction
Skin Type: General
Efficacy: whitening, shrinking pores, acne, moisturizing, moisturizing, hydrating, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging
Essential oil psychological effect: relieve stress
Essential Oil Body Efficacy: Promotes Metabolism
Net content: 30

It helps to minimize and eliminate your skin dilemma.

Product advantages:
Highly effective vitamin C 20% superior
Enhance the appearance of sunspots with powerful antioxidants naturally found in vitamin C
Increase collagen production
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making eyes smoother and more energetic
Improve skin elasticity
Makes skin tone evener and gives a more radiant complexion
Improve skin quality by reducing skin problems caused by age
Deep moisturizing, moisturizing, dry, dull skin
Benefits of Vitamin C Serum:
Promote collagen production
Protects skin from sun damage
Reduce dark circles under the eyes
Accelerated treatment
Reduce skin discoloration
Keep your skin young
Improve moisture and moisture
Create brighter, healthier skin
Reduce inflammation
Accelerate sunburn healing
Wash your face and wipe your face, apply a small amount to the face and neck. Gently massage with your fingertips until absorbed.
Can be used every day. Use 1 or 2 times a day for a soft and radiant complexion.
Can be used before makeup.                                                                                                                                                                            Weight:420g

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 Germany  $7.9/kg + $3.15  $7.1  5-8 days (tracked)
 France  $7.5/kg + $3.45  $7.2  8-10 days (tracked)
 United Kingdom  $7.75/kg + $2.4  $6.27  5-8 days (tracked)
 Italy  $8.2/kg + $3.4  $7.5  8-10 days (tracked)
 Spain  $7.9/kg + $2.7  $6.05  8-10 days (tracked)
 Sweden  $10.5/kg + $3.15  $8.4  10-15 days (tracked)
 Norway  $12.7/kg + $3.0  $9.35  10-12 days (tracked)
 Denmark  $9.25/kg + $3.15  $9.35  10-12 days (tracked)
 Netherlands  $8.5/kg + $3.75  $8  8-10 days (tracked)
 Canada  $15.6/kg + $4.18  $11.98  10-15 days (tracked)
 Australia  $10.6/kg + $3.75  $9.05  8-12 days (tracked)

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