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We are a Guangzhou-based company offering a diverse range of products. Our centralized factories and airport proximity enable efficient deliveries to customers. A focus on quality and customer satisfaction make us a competitive player in the industry.

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Our commitment is to streamlining delivery times, enhancing quality, and lowering costs, so you can say goodbye to after-sales headaches

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We purchase from the manufacturer for your order, check the quality and repack it.

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We can use a dedicated line to deliver packages for you-save up to 30% compared to AliExpress


Fullfillment fee

Detailed information about our plans and prices for Dropshipping Services

Basic plan



  • Minimum 20 orders
  • Automation Service
  • Update Tracking Numbers
  • Insurance on Returns
  • Not support Customize Logo
  • Free Subscription

pro plan

$1.5 / PARCEL


  • Minimum 50 orders
  • Automation Service
  • Update Tracking Numbers
  • Insurance on Returns
  • Not support Customize Logo
  • Free Subscription

vip plan

$1.0 / PARCEL


  • Minimum 100 orders
  • Automation Service
  • Update Tracking Numbers
  • Insurance on Returns
  • Support Customize Logo
  • Free Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fulfillagent’s workflow ?

Generally, Fulfillagent's workflow starts with providing a quote based on the product link or image you provide to us. We will conduct a search in the Chinese market for the product you are about to test and compare prices and quality from various suppliers, as well as assess delivery times. Depending on the product and destination country, we will find the best shipping method and do our best to provide you with the optimal solution, complete with a quote within 24 hours. Once you receive the quote and decide to work with us, we will integrate with your store through our app and fulfill your daily orders.

What’s Fulfillment‘s price ?

We will negotiate with suppliers based on your estimated daily order quantity to strive for competitive prices. You need to inform us of the country where the order will be shipped, so we can provide quotes tailored to different countries. We will not profit from product prices and shipping costs, but will add a fulfillment fee of 1-2 US dollars per order. Additionally, EU member states will need to pay IOSS fees. Our cost breakdown includes product cost, shipping cost, fulfillment fee, and IOSS fee (only for EU countries).

How do you handle it if a customer receives products with quality issues

If a customer receives products with quality issues or damages during transportation, we will arrange for a replacement or refund (based on customer preference) immediately upon receiving proof in the form of pictures or videos. We promise to resolve any chargeback from customers caused by our mishandling within 24 hours.

How to pay ?

We receive the payment via bank tranfer(Wise,Payoneer,etc) and Paypal


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